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Here is my resume as of 06 Oct 2020:

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CompTIA A+
TestOut PC Pro
Cisco IT Essentials
Cisco Intro to Cybersecurity
IBM Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Studying for:
        TestOut Certified Ethical Hacker Pro (65% Complete)
        CLA — C Certified Associate Programmer (80% Complete)
        CompTIA Security+ (Timeline June 2021)
        CompTIA Network+ (Timeline May 2021)
        TestOut Security Pro (Timeline May 2021)
        TestOut Network Pro (Timeline April 2021)


Adrian Self CompTIA A+ Badge Adrian Self Cisco Cybersecurity Badge Adrian Self IBM Cybersecurity Badge


Overview Quick Learner, Computer Security, Cryptography, Programming
Technical Skills Debugging, Scripting, Bug Hunting,
Software Reverse Engineering,
Symbolic Execution, Binary Exploitation,
Web Security, CAT5e Cabling
Non-Tech Skills Research, Conducting Interviews, Composing Reports,
Presenting Products/Findings
Languages Python, C
Java, Jekyll
Javascript, LaTeX, SQL, PHP, C++, IA32/amd64 asm
Ruby, Julia, Typescript, BASIC, Verilog
I pick up new languages easily
Daily Usage
When Needed
Tools Linux, Ghidra, Z3 Theorem Prover,
Metasploit, Wireshark, nmap, SageMath
Daily Usage
When Needed


Cybersecurity Capstone Project

MITRE Collegiate Embedded CTF 2020

Fabricator: Binary Exploitation + Crypto Challenge, Found Unintended Solution

Comprehensive2: Z3 Theorem Prover, Python, Reverse Engineering

Jarvis: Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Linear Classifier


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